Automation Recipes in Notion

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A collection of Zapier automation recipes for indie hackers and no-coders made in Notion.

Includes links that let you enable the automation with a single click.

10 automated recipes

8+ hours saved every week

2 minutes to set up each recipe

Thanks to automation tools like Zapier or Integromat, we are able to save countless hours and money every week. We took the most useful automations we use and created a collection called Automation Recipes (in Notion, that goes without saying). Every recipe contains basic information on how we use it, how to customize it to your needs, and a link to enable the automation in Zapier with a single click.

Get notified every time a competing product pops up on ProductHunt, automatically follow up with a new customers, and much more. The initial version of Automation Recipes contains 10 Zapier recipes, each geared towards a different task. Together, they will save you at least 8 hours every week, all you need to do is to enable them with a single click.

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Recipes include:

  • Thank-you email after a meeting
  • Email a Google Analytics report
  • Schedule a call with Typeform leads
  • Email to Notion
  • Product Hunt monitoring
  • Follow up with new Stripe customers
  • Follow up after a Gumroad sale
  • Gather Twitter mentions in Notion
  • Email agenda before a meeting
  • Tweet upvoted Product Hunt posts
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Automation Recipes in Notion

4 ratings
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